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The agriculture is one of the important sectors of the Moroccan economy, by contributing with 15% of GDP and creating 40% of jobs. To better develop this sector, Government of Morocco has launched, since 2008, its ambitious strategy called "Green Morocco Plan", namely “Plan Maroc Vert”. This strategy has allowed a considerable increase of the area and the diversity of the agricultural products.

However, a significant part of this agricultural production is marketed as unprocessed products. Furthermore, high losses caused by post-harvest spoilages, chemical contaminants (pesticides, mycotoxins, antibiotics, heavy metals, hydrocarbons ...) and microbiological hazards (Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Staphylococcus, Bacillus, yeasts, molds ...) delay the development of this sector, and may have negative impact on the agriculture competitiveness, health of consumer and the environment.

Thus, the biotechnology is a tool of choice to overcome these problems and to ensure sustainable development of this dynamic sector. Biotechnological solutions, optimized and adapted to the ecological conditions of each product, will increase their added-value, while ensuring the protection of the consumer and the environment.


The aim of this conference is to create a meeting place for researchers, decision makers, farmers and industrials to discuss the strengths and constraints of development of bio-resoucres, particularly agricultural products, through biotechnology. Particular cases in relation with the Eastern region will be discussed, in order to contribute to a better valuation of its bio-resources. This conference also aims to discuss the value of setting up short-term vocational training courses, for agribusiness employees and students, allowing the development of their professional skills. This will therefore lead to the strengthening of agriculture competitiveness, protection of consumer and the environment.

Communication modalities

The papers of the young researchers will be accompanied by plenary lectures by researchers from different fields. Communications will include 10 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of discussion.

Publication of acts

Some works will be published in the journals: 

P.S : Scientists interested by the publication of their works should submit their manuscripts, written according to the insctruction of the authors of the journal, to the e-mail ( before November 30th, 2019.



Submission : 30/07/2019

Notification : 30/09/2019

Inscription : 30/10/2019

Conference : 18-20/12/2019




Laboratoire de Biochimie et Biotechnologie

Faculté des Sciences, Université Mohammed Premier, Oujda, Maroc

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